• [from 20.06.2024] Information in TUMonline about course offerings.

  • [27.06. bis 11.07.2024] Attend pre-course meetings (Vorbesprechungen) for the courses that interest you.

  • [12.07. bis 16.07.2024] Register in the Matching-System (  with your TUMonline ID. There will be two instances: one for seminars, one for lab courses. Enter your course preferences.

    • You may rank courses, giving equal rank to courses as appropriate.

    • The only viable strategy is to enter each course that you are interested in, using ranks to indicate priorities. Why? If you only indicate interest in a few very popular courses, you might get no place at all. On the other hand you are not diminishing your chances for a higher-ranked course by also indicating interest for other courses at a lower rank.

    • Be careful to only indicate interest in courses for which you satisfy the formal prerequisites.

    • You may de-register or change your preferences at any time within the indicated time frame.

  • [25.07.2024] The matching results will be published around 6 pm. Log into the matching systems and check to which courses you have been assigned. If you do not want to attend the course you have been assigned to, let the instructor know as soon as possible. If you do not deregister until the deadline set by the instructor, you will be graded with 5,0.

  • [from 25.07. to 09.08.2024] Instructors of the courses you have been assigned to will contact you about course format, assignment of topics for seminar talks, etc. If you want to attend additional courses, you may directly contact instructors of courses that still have room for further students. Student Service will publish those courses after the matching on this web page: