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On the Matching Web-Site ( you can access the “Matching System” via the “Login” button, using your TUMonline access information (TUMonline login).


After logging in, all instances (matching specifications) available for matching and their times will be listed. In the first block you can find instances for Practical Courses and Seminars. In the second block there are the instances for the Matching with Bundled Preferences. Your instance might be invisible, please use the link, the matching-team has sent to you and share it with your students.


Through clicking on an instance you will access the central information-page of the selected instance. On this page, the most important information such as the time for voting and the associated courses are presented in a table you can search and sort.

Edit Course Data:
If you are the administrator of one of the courses selected for matching (eg. in TUMonline), all these courses will be listed in “My courses”.

instance course

Trough clicking on the course name you will be referred to its course page in the Matching System. Additionally to the name of the course, this page will show you all timeslots of your tutor groups and its capacity. In a timeslot we collect all tutor groups that have the same day, starting- and ending-time.

Additionally you can see the popularity of each timeslot. Here we have two ranks:

  1. Popularity: If a student has ranked any set (bundle) of time slots containing this timeslot, this value will be increased by one (if the student has this timeslot in multiple bundles, he is counted only once)
  2. Acceptable Popularity: Obsolete attribute.

Additionally you can see the overall capacity of your course (summarized over all tutor groups) and the overall demand (number of students, who have at least one of your tutor groups in their preference list). If you are one of the administrators you will see the registered administrators for this course.

Course site popularity

During the “courses preference selection time” the Course Organizer or Tutor can add and edit the capacity of the tutor groups using a.) the edit button at the bottom of the page. or b.) the edit symbol in the timeslot row. 

  1. This will forward you to the edit site for all tutor groups. Here you can change The name and description of the course, as well as the name, location and capacity of each tutor group.edit all
  2. Here you can edit the name, location and capacity of each tutor group in this timeslot. Additionally you can add further tutor groups, which have the same day, starting- and ending-time.edit timeslot

Please note, if your Instance is a "Tutor-matching", the capacity of a group is the number of tutors, that teach this group (usually "1").


Retrieve the Matching:

After the preference selection time has elapsed and the matching has been calculated, you can access the allocation for your courses in the Matching System. The allocation can be downloaded as a  “*.csv”-file on the relevant matching page at the bottom under “Matching (Your matching)”.

matching course1

Additionally, you can access the matching for each tutor group by clicking on your course and downloading the respective “*.csv”-file in the “Groups”-block

matching course2