On the Matching Web-Site ( you can access the “Matching System” via the “Login” button, using your TUMonline access information(TUMonline login).


After logging in, all courses (matching specifications) available for matching and their times will be listed.


Trough clicking on a course you will access the central information-page of the selected course.

Preference Selection:
If you are the administrator of one of the courses selected for matching (eg. in TUMonline), all these courses will be listed in “My courses”.

my courses

Trough clicking on the course name you will be referred to its course page in the Matching System. Additionally to the name of the course, this page will show you the course capacity, its associated faculty and its position in the lecture plan for the Bachelor and Master Degree and if available, will show you a link to its TUMonline page. If you are one of the administrators you will see the registered administrators for this course.

course detail

During the “courses preference selection time” the Course Organizer or Tutor can add and edit his preferences and capacity using the “edit” button at the bottom of the page.


Additionally two searchable lists are available, showing students interested in your course. The top left hand lists shows all students originally interested in your course. It contains the students the least preferable for you. The list on the bottom left hand shows all students inacceptable for your course (in red).


Using Drag&Drop you can move students between lists. Students dragged into the lists on the right hand side are your preferred students for your course. Rank the right hand list by assigning your most preferred student rank number one. More than one student can be assigned to one rank, meaning you show no preference between those students. 

The students shown in the following format:

Name Surename (Matriklnr., Type of study  (Nr.) - Semester) 

Max Musterman (04752427, MSc Informatik (16 030) - 2)

Use the “save” button to save your preferences. During the preference selection time you can change your preferences using the “edit” button at any time.

Please keep in mind that the ranking of the students is not continuous. If two students are ranked as number one, the next student will occupy the third position instead of the second one.

Upload Preference Selection

During the “courses preference selection time” the Course Organizer or Tutor can use the manuell “Drag&Drop” (“List”) or can Upload a Courses-Preference-List (“File upload”):


After Download of the excel-liste with the interested Students for the course, you can edit/ ranke the Excel-Liste .

Only the Rang-column (“Rank”) editable. A number corresponds to the Rang (for example “1”),  and  “-“ the rank “unacceptable”.

A empty/not defined Rank is equal to “not ranked”.

For exchange students the Matching-System generate instead of a “Student number” an ID (example: “ExSt_9b763e584e”).
You can upload the excel-file to save the preference-selection.

 For MAC-OS User: Please, use the newest Safari, Chrom or Firefox. Older Browser on MAC-OS can generate an Error-Message:

"Filetype not supported. Please upload MS Excel file"

 If the excel-export is not editable, copy and paste the data in a new excel-file.


Filter Preference-Selection

This filter can show you B.Sc.-Students, M.Sc.-Students and exchange students:


Popularity profile:

If you scroll down on the bottom of the Preference Selection you can find the Popularity profile. Here you can see the students-ranging of the course.  In this example; 22 students ranked the course on first; 11 students ranked the course on second; and so on.


Retrieve the Matching:
After the preference selection time has elapsed and the matching has been calculated, you can access the allocation for your courses in the Matching System. The allocation will be shown on the relevant matching page at the bottom under “Matching (Your matching)”.

matching course

Additionally, you can check the popularity of your course by clicking on your course. The so-called popularity profile will be shown at the bottom of the page under “Popularity Profile”. It shows how many students ranked your course at what position.

Export Matching

Push button "matching" to export the Matching-Result.


TUMonline export (beta)

TUM-Online changed the import-format from CSV to XML. The export out of the Matching-System don't worke anymore. You can download a Phyton-Program to konvert the CSV-File to the new XML-type here:


First you have to export all students. Second you have to add all CSV-Files to one (semina, practica-course, pro-seminar). Possibly you have to work on the  CSV-File.

exportansicht If a students have more then one course of studies, the Matching-system exports more than one Studien-ID's. For import you can use only one  Studien-ID. Please, delete obsolete Studien-ID's in comunication with the student.

To import exchange-students is not possiblye, please delete them from the CVS-File and insert them manual to your course. Exchange-students MatrikelNr.-Filed start with "ExST_..."

Send the CSV-File to the Matching-Support This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the end of the deadline. In the subject please insert:  "TUMonline-Import" and Chair.

We will send you a XML-File back for import into TUM-Online. The Matching-Team as no rigth to import the students to the courses anymore. Please, ask for the rigth for import of your courses and write a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Example subject: "TUMonline-Import I18"

We have a 40 students minimum for the TUMonline-Import, because we have to import all CSV-Files manual.

Be sure that you have created LV-Gruppe = Standardgruppe! Without 'Standardgruppe' we are not able to import the data.
The deadline you can see on Schedule Course Organizer.