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FAQs - FAQ for Students


Log in to TUMonline and search for courses.


You have to choose "search range": title, "academic year": 201x/1x and "semester": winter or summer.

Then you enter the IN-Module Number of the course as the search term.

The module numbers are:

IN0013 Proseminar

IN0014 Seminar course for Bachelor students

IN2107 Seminar course for  Master students

IN0012 Practical course for  Bachelor students

IN2106 Practical course for Master students

IN2128, IN2129, IN2131 Practical Courses for Master Students Information Systems


Nothing has changed. Tell the course organizer before the matching about your strong desire to attend the course. If he assigns you a high preference then you will be assigned to the course with a very high probability. Well, there are some courses which are heavily overbooked and not everybody can participate. At least, now we get this information and can try to adapt capacities in future semesters.

Submit as many preferences as possible truthfully. Misrepresenting your preferences can only make you worse off. You are always best off by submitting as many preferences as possible. Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stable_marriage_problem.

The system sets incentives for you to reveal all preferences truthfully. You cannot make yourself better off by submitting only your top preference or a different preference. Then the stable matching system tries to find solutions such that no two pairs of course organizers and students want to change and the students’ preferences are maximized. We use the many-to-one version of the well-known algorithm by Gale and Shapley (1962), which is being used in large-scale applications such as the US National Resident Matching Program.



There are always courses which are heavily overbooked and not all students can be admitted. However, even in the initial pilot most students got one of their top two preferences. There are also cases where students cannot be assigned to any course on their preference list because all of them are heavily overbooked. This is unavoidable and a matter of supply and demand. At least now we have detailed data on when this happens and can take this into account in the capacity provided for future semesters.

Actually, course organizers prioritize students as they always did. Which prerequisites are important to them or how they weight type of study or the semester a student is in, all of this has not changed. They prioritize the students based on criteria they think are important for the course and submit a ranking very much like you submit a ranking for courses. In other words, motivation letters, your private communiation with the course organizers, or your attendence in the initial meeting are being considered as in the past and they will be reflected in the ranking provided by course organizers.

There are always reasons beyond your control such as an unforeseen overlap with another seminar, changes in your work schedule, etc. You can always approach a course organizer after the matching in case you have not been assigned, but you should have a convincing reason why she/he should accept you even after the matching.

If indeed you submitted many preferences and no course seat has been assigned to you, and no course organizer would want to provide another course seat for you, please contact matching@dss.in.tum.de and we will help you to find a solution.

The course organizer can remove you from the list of participants and you might end up without a seminar in this semester. It is your task to make sure that you satisfy all requirements for a course (as it was always the case).

You find this information in TUMonline as in previous years. You are expected to first find courses of interest and then attend the initial meeting of these courses and check the prerequisites in TUMonline before you submit your preferences in the matching system. Check in the course description whether an application by email is necessary.

Yes. The system cannot check for time dependencies. This is a non-trivial issue and even subject to current research. If it indeed happens that both the seminar and the lab course are at the same time, then this is a credible case to speak up to another course organizer and ask for admission to his course (which does not overlap). We have asked course organizers to provide some flexibility for such cases, but there were few.

At least now you learn early which courses you have been assigned to.

Unfortunatley, demand varies significantly across years. For example, last semester there was an 35% increase in the demand for proseminars, which was unexpected. Also, bare in mind that some courses are heavily overbooked while others are not. So, it might be that you get none of your courses assigned even though there are enough course seats overall.

If there is a larger number of unmatched students, we will organize a second matching round. We try to avoid this. If it is a smaller number of students, we just announce the list of courses with free course seats after the matching and ask students to get in touch with the respective course organizers on their own.

The reason for this might be that the course organizers of these two courses prioritized you and your colleague in the opposite way. Since also the course organizers' preferences are taken into account for the matching, such situations may occur.
If you still think something went wrong with the assignment, please contact matching@dss.in.tum.de! So far, we could explain all odd assignments looking at the data.

Interests differ substantially among students. However, the stable matching system provides very accurate information about student preferences and discrepancies between supply and demand which will allow the department to adapt in the future.

In the initial pilot we assigned unmatched students randomly to make sure everybody gets at least one course seat. We will not do this anymore. Please submit a comprehensive list of preferences. If you only submit a list with one or two courses, then there is a high likelihood that we cannot assign you to any acceptable course. Remember, you cannot make yourself better off by revealing only a part of your preference list.

The system is designed to make sure that every student can attend at least one seminar or lab course in each semester. After the matching you can always contact course organizers who have free course seats. These courses will be announced online at https://www.cit.tum.de/cit/studium/studierende/pruefungsangelegenheiten-module/informatik/praktika-seminare/

You have to use the matching-system to get a seminar, proseminar or practical -course.
If you have no mytum -login now, you have to contact the course- organizer.

The courses are not open and not visible before the matching start.
You will find the start- and end-date here:

If you not finde your course after the official start date, please contact the course-organizer.

The course- organizer will update the list of students in the course at TUMOnline after matching.

The matching-system-assignment based only on given preferences.

The preferences from the course organizers to the studends are independent from the Matching-System. If you not got a place last semester in your favorite-course, you should contact the course-organizers before matching ends. He can give you a better ranking for your favorite-course.

However, some courses are heavily overbooked. If students only specify a few preferences, so it can also happen again that the desire course can not be assigned.

Masterpraktikum WI

- the course-organizers consider your course of studies in the preferences

Yes you can. Please, contact the Exchange Coordinator (Incomings). You will receive via email your login-data before the matching starts.

Exchange Coordinator (Incomings)
Department of Informatics
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Boltzmannstr. 3, D-85748 Garching b. Muenchen
E-Mail: student-exchange@in.tum.de

We are sorry, but after the matching deadline for students, it is not possible to add participants subsequently in the matching system.

You can see the schedule here:

Please contact the course organizer of your favourite course directly. Maybe there is space for further students.

After the matching the Student Service will publish those courses on this web page:


Check your security-settings.
You have too allowe Coockies in your browser or use another browser.

You can only obtain one allocation to one course per matching-instance. Please, contact the course-organicer in case you need a second course.

If you change your main-emailaddress on the MyTum-portal, after you saved your prefences, the Matching-System can't show you your votings.

Please, change your main-emailaddress back. The Matching-System don't know, that you have changed your main-emailaddress.

Your courses are ranked first and second.


After saving, the courses are still sorted on Rank1 and Rank2. The digits on the right after saving do not show the rank, but with which selection number the rank begins.


If the Matching-System not receive a valid matriculation-number you can't paticiapate on the matching-system.

Check this after login: 


If the Matriculation number empty, pleace, contact the course-organicer.

1. Please, check your security-settings. You have too allow Cookies in your browser.

2. Restart the the browser. Close and new start.

3. Try, to use another browser

4. Try the incognito-modus of the browser.