Frequently Asked Questions


Make sure that all your prerequisites for a course can be found in TUMonline and your capacity is entered correctly in the stable matching system. Unfortunately, for technical reasons we cannot yet extract the capacity entered in TUMonline.

You can find the scheduler for course organizers on:

We had a number of such requests. In all cases the reason was that these students were matched to another course for which they had a higher preference. These phenomena also occurred in situations with first-come first-served assignments, but now you don’t get students assigned who got another seat in a course which they prefer to your course. If there are doubts in specific cases, we can always check the data. The basic feedback we got is that the number of cancellations decreased compared to earlier years.

Course organizers are free to select students based on all the criteria they have used in the past (including type of study, courses that students should have attended before the seminar, motivation letters, etc.). Please specify all your prerequisites explicitly in TUMonline and do organize an initial meeting as you always did. You can still collect all the information from students that you need outside the matching system and then prioritize those students, who satisfy all requirements.

If a student submits a preference for your course, he confirms that he satisfies the requirements and knows the information from your initial meeting. If it turns out after the matching that this is not the case, your are free to remove him or her from the course.

Once you have decided on the students that you want to have in your course, just assign them the top ranks. You can also assign multiple students to rank one or two if you are indifferent. If you do not want students in your course (e.g., for lack of prerequisites), you will be able to mark these students such that they will not be assigned. In this case you will have to give a short explanation why the student is unacceptable. Otherwise, just assign these students a rank. The system will not do random assignments of students any more who did not express a preference for your course. This was done in the first pilot to make sure every student is assigned a course seat, but it was considered a bad idea.

Nothing changed in the way how you provide information about your course. There is also no need to change anything in your application process! You just enter the selected students in the matching system. This should mainly avoid having students register for several courses and then drop out in all but one. Also, the initial list of assignments is based on information about the complete list of preferences of the students, which should lead to a better and more stable matching (see also previous question).

The decision to accept students who have not participated in the matching is at your discretion and should be based on credible evidence.

You can enter all the necessary data of your course in TUMonline even before the matching start. However, this information will only be available for students from. If you still want to publish information about your course earlier than you may do this using your chairs website.
Regarding room reservation see the next question.

It is not possible to reserve a room associated to your course in TUMonline earlier than decentralised planning start. Monday after "Dreikönig" for the  summer-semester and the first Monday after "Fronleichnam" for the  winter-semester). However, you can reserve a room using an “organizational date” in TUMonline. See link to scheduler for course organizers on:

Cancellations of students also happened in the past. The reason for this might be circumstances beyond the control of a student. The basic feedback we got is that the number of cancellations decreased compared to earlier years, because now each student can only register for one course in the first step.

Only the course -organizer (lecturer/Vortragende) will be imported from TUMOnline. They have access to edit the courses in the matching-system. You can edit the courses after the "students vote period.

You will find the important start- and end-dates for course-organizers here:

"participants"/ "Mitwirkenden" have no access to edit the courses.


If you have an entry in TUMOnline in this course as an „lecturer“/„Vortragender“, than the Matching-System will import you as an course-admin.

You have two options in the TUMOnline to participate on a course.
  a. lecturer/Vortragende
  b. participant/Mitwirkender

Point b. "participant"/"Mitwirkender" is not enough to give you admin-right, so you have to be Point a.  „lecturer“/„Vortragende“.

You can create in TUMOnline a course were you a lecturer/Vortragende, so it depends on you.

The matching system is not open and not visible before the matching start for course-organizers too.

You will find the start- and end-date here:

If you don't finde your course after the matching-start-period please, contact the support matching [at]

The course already exists in TUM-Online where you can create the dates. The registration of the students to the course is not necessary, but it prevents questions because the students can see the course in their timetable. Registration of the students for the course will be possible as soon as the semester starts (April 1 / October 1).
Mrs. Brunnbauer will create the exam during the semester. On each chair there is an exam-commissioner (Prüfungsbeauftragten) who has to register the students to the exam. The exam- commissioner can transfer the students from the TUM-Online course or can import the students with an excel-file.

To Upload the Excel-File use the newest Safari, Chrom or Firefox. Older Browser on MAC-OS can generate an Error-Message:

"Filetype not supported. Please upload MS Excel file"

Registration of the students for the course will be possible as soon as the semester starts (April 1 / October 1). To  register exchange students earlier than April 1 or October 1 is not possible.

Unfortunately, for technical reasons we cannot extract the capacity entered in TUMonline.

You have to update the course-capacity during the “courses preference selection time”.

You can find the scheduler for course organizers on: the

The Course Organizer or Tutor can add and edit the capacity using the “edit” button at the bottom of the page.

Exchange students have a special login that generates a particular ID, e.g. "ExSt_7633aae317" in the matching platform.

At the time of preliminary application for your seminar/practical course, exchange students might already have a matriculation number even though they are neither enrolled nor their TUM account is valid yet.

Therefore, please refer to the column "Types of study" for identifying exchange students in the matching platform.